Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Saturday Strip Club

As it's the last day of March I thought I should write a post and get back into the blogging habit.  I have a few bits and pieces to show off, and I must also confess to making some fabric purchases.  That wasn't part of the plan this year, so maybe that's why I have not been here recently.

 At the weekend I attended a sewing class at Craft Den.  It had the dubious title of "Saturday Strip Club" because we were learning different techniques to use with the strips of fabric you get in a jelly roll.  There was certainly a lively atmosphere so the name was a good title.  I chose to work with Lewis and Irene fabrics and I love the first lot of blocks we made:

Next we learned how to make a friendship plait.  I love this technique and the way it looks, and with the right tool it is a doddle!  So easy, so effective, so pretty!  I am glad I bought the special ruler and know this will appear in plenty of my future quilts.

It was at Craft Den that I made a significant fabric purchase.  I was facing such beautiful fabrics all Saturday and I think the fabric fumes worked their magic on me.  In typical fashion these are by Lewis and Irene and are from their Spring Hare range.  There were almost fisticuffs in the shop because I thought the last of the white hare fabric had been purchased by a friend, but thankfully Lynne managed to find a little bit for me.  Friendships are still in tact as a result!  I have no idea what these fabrics will become but I know the result will be lovely.  The fabric is just so special.  They are just perfect for this time of year.

 For those of you still visiting, thank you!  I hope to do some lovely sewing over the Easter holidays.  Happy Easter to you!


  1. Hello Emmajane! More beautiful fabrics and blocks! They look great! Have a wonderful Easter holiday! :) x

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