Monday, 27 April 2015

Long time no blog

It really has been too long since I posted a blog.  I've not fallen out with sewing or blogging, just time seems to be such a precious commodity at the moment and I've not had enough time for either.  As April ends and May approaches I was determined to write a post and I have some nice things to show off.

As I've been short on time small projects have been just the ticket.  I've made three zipped bags recently.  The first is for a friend who loves the colour blue.  We met up on Friday and she was pleased with her gift.

The second is for a cool and kooky friend who wears amazing clothes.  She has a dress made from this fabric with a black background.  I need to put it in the post tomorrow.  She has just started work at a new school and I think she will appreciate having a pencil case to match one of her outfits.

Next up we have another patchwork pouch made from mainly blue prints.  This was made for a Liberty fan.  She didn't get it for any particular reason other than I wanted to make it for her.  She was thrilled with it and I loved making it.

I have had a fantastic weekend in London as my husband was running the Marathon.  I enjoyed watching the race and looking for him on Sunday but Saturday was very much "my day" and I got to visit some really cool shops.  I'm a big fan of The Village Haberdashery's website and their blog.  I've had two tutorials on their blog and am about to have another on soon, but I had never visited the shop in person.  On Saturday this was put right and I feel it will be a pilgrimage whenever I go to London!  The shop is amazing - all (and I am not exaggerating here) the fabric is amazing.  It is just so cool, modern and fresh and it was just so lovely to meet Annie and Caroline.

My stashbusting went right out of the window on Saturday as I made a few purchases.  I think I showed incredible self-restraint as there was just so much temptation there.

First up are some fabrics from Lighthearted by Kokka.  I've long loved this range and was relieved that some of the food print was still left in the shop.  They had only 3 fat quarters of it so I snapped them all up.  The shop carries all the Kona Cotton Solids and I had such fun matching the colours to the prints.  I don't know what these are going to be, but I expect it will be for the dining room and I am sure to enjoy myself!

I picked out my favourite fabrics from Jessica Hogarth's Street Life, though the whole range is adorable and I might end up adding to it later.  I think being in London affected my choice here because I went for the fabrics which were so identifiably British and London.

I ummed and ahhed about these next fabrics.  I think these are the start of a rainbow style quilt, but I will add more prints and colours to them later.  I picked out three fabrics from Riley Blake's Mini Quatrefoil and three from Alison Glass' Sun Print Mercury.  I think they go wonderfully together, so bright and happy.

My favourite (and most unexpected) purchase is this corduroy Oh my darling Clementine by Rae Hoekstra.  I've never sewn with cord before and I have no idea what I will make, but there was no way I was going home without a metre of this amazing fabric.  I'll have to get looking for something but this fabric has to be for me.

I hope you approve of my purchases.  Not much really...

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  1. Hello Emmajane! What a lovely post and it was great to see all those wonderful purchases you made! Glad you had a fun time in London! I love making little zipped pouches myself and the gifts you made are just delightful... I am sure the recipients will love them! Have a lovely week! :) x