Thursday, 5 March 2015

Two new projects

I have a couple of projects to post about today and I am excited about them both.

As I have mentioned many times previously I am trying to sew as much stash as possible this year.  My favourite fabric range in my stash is Wee Wander by Sarah Jane.  I love everything about it - the patterns, the images, the colours, the quality of the cotton.  I have had it in stash since February 2014 and my love for it over that year has never diminished.  I have used the odd small square in other projects, but I have not made much of a dent into the half yard I have of each print.

If I am serious about getting down my stash I have to stop hoarding fabrics, even my favourite ones.   I had justified holding on to it because I had not found the right project for it.  That's all changed now, though, as I am turning the mini quilt "Drawn Together" from Little Quilts into a larger quilt.

I'm having a lot of fun!  I've made three of the pink blocks so far and am about to start on the blues.  I love foundation paper piecing and this pattern creates such lovely shapes.  To make my fabric go as far as possible I am using lots of white fabric, which I think makes the shapes and colours really striking in any case.  I think these favourite fabrics are going to turn into one of my favourite quilts.

The next thing I have to show you contradicts the Sew My Stash mission because these are fabrics which have arrived this dinnertime.  How do I justify these amazing Kona Solids in such beautiful colours?  They already have a destiny and will be made into a quilt soon for Village Haberdashery's blog The Daily Stitch.  They are not going to be stash fabrics because I will be cutting into them this weekend.

This quilt will be my first pure solids quilt but I have already enjoyed playing with these fabrics and the pattern idea, so I doubt it will be the last.  When the fabrics arrived I spent a while organising them into their colour groups, which made me feel like a child again as I used to organise my Crayola wax crayons (happy memories!)  I won't be showing what I make from these fabrics until the tutorial is written and on The Daily Stitch.  Hopefully it won't be long.

Happy creating!

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  1. Hello Emmajane! Love your pink 'Drawn Together' blocks! Looking forward to seeing more of that quilt! Have fun with your new fabrics! :) xx