Sunday, 7 September 2014

Quarter square triangle quilt: a WIP

The best projects can be those that are the least planned and the most spontaneous.  Today I went sewing with friends and had no idea what I would be working on.  I grabbed a load of random fabrics (most of which I had used in other quilts) and set off.  During the five minute drive I started to wonder about making quarter square triangles and by the time I had got the machine set up and the fabrics out it was as if this was a long prepared quilt and that these fabrics had had this destiny all along.

I have made about half the QST blocks.  There are other fabrics that are going to be added.  I am pleased that there are so many colours in this quilt because I think the final effect will be both striking and bold.    Some of these fabrics are making their third outing now, but each and every time they have been used in different patterns and alongside different fabrics.  I like seeing a fabric take on different characteristics in this way.

I am going to put these blocks next to solid fabrics to create a checkerboard effect.  The solid fabrics I don't yet have but I am going to include bold, happy colours and avoid pastels and shades.  I am thinking of adding colours like green and royal blue, which don't actually figure in the colour scheme yet, but which would be sure to mix it up!

It's back to work for me tomorrow so this little project is going to motivate me to finish my work quickly and get home and on to the sewing machine.  Have a great week!


  1. Hi! The blocks are looking good! Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt top! Nice mix of colours! :) x

  2. Hopefully going to spend some time on this at the weekend. Can't wait to start placing the blocks in the right places.