Saturday, 20 September 2014

If at first you don't succeed... cheat!

Once a month I attend a "block a month" group at a local patchwork shop.  There are four of us who attend and we always learn lots and have a laugh.  We seem to have diverted from our "block a month" title recently because we are all keen to learn as many techniques as we can and often what we want to learn doesn't fit in a traditional sampler quilt.

Today the aim was to master "apple core" on a sewing machine but it really didn't happen for me.  I just could not sew the curve and I ended up having such trouble that my shoulder ached and I had to have an impromptu massage in the shop from Doctor Amy (I told you we had diverted some what!)  About an hour and a half into the class and I felt I had achieved nothing.  I was still having a good time, but I was a little frustrated at my poor efforts.

Enter Bondaweb!  It was time to do some cheating.  I cut out my apple cores, affixed the bondaweb and ironed them to some calico.  Voil√† - I now have the beginning of a cushion front.  There has been no sewing so far and I feel really guilty about not sewing but this just wasn't going to happen for me otherwise.  

Most of these fabrics are scraps from my recent Quarter Square Triangle Quilt so at least I wasn't cutting up and wasting new fabric in my earlier attempt.  When finished this is bound to go beautifully with that quilt, though I won't tell the recipient of the swizz I've pulled off today.

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