Friday, 12 June 2015

You guessed it - zippy pouches!

Lo and behold this week I've made another couple of zippy pouches!  These are for two student teachers who have had fantastic school placements with us and who we are preparing for their "proper" teaching jobs in September with lovely stationery.

There are so many pluses for me when I make these pouches.  First, I get to raid my stash and reacquaint myself with fabrics I may have forgotten.  Then I really love finding a perfect zip colour and then there is also the joy of finding a beautiful thread.  Ah, happy times!

They are both receiving their gifts at a meal out on Sunday.  I'm glad that they look distinctive and they complement their personalities.

At least I have something to show off for a Friday finish!


  1. I really like that one with the green. Where you you get your zippers? I haven't sewn with a zipper in at least 10 years and I'm out of the zipper loop. :)

  2. Hi Sarah! Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. The zippers are from a local fabric and haberdashery shop, but that's in Shefffield, UK! I am so lucky to live near to this particular shop because it is a treasure trove of fabric and supplies and everything is very reasonably priced.