Thursday, 11 June 2015

Scrappy Dresden Plate: A quilt in progress

My aim to finish a quilt last Friday just didn't happen.  The quilting is done, the binding is on but I just didn't manage to sew in all those thread ends!  It does look lovely, and I could have posted a blog post with photos, but I would prefer to show this quilt off when it is completely finished and at its most beautiful.  Hopefully it will be finished soon.

At the weekend I attended a sewing class and I worked on a scrappy Dresden plate.  I have seen a few of these on other blogs and love the effect that is created but also the opportunity to use up scraps and fabrics from stash.

I purchased a template ruler, which was a good buy because it is straightforward to use and you cannot get your angles very wrong as a result.  I love the fact that in quilting someone has created all the gadgets to make your sewing easier.  I have not been sewing and quilting that long but I do appreciate that people must have been making complicated patterns previously without such tools.  I'm just grateful that I can enjoy my hobby with a little more ease.

You can either make the ends pointed or keep them circular.  I like the pointed effect.  Though, as you can see from the photos, I forgot to sew the ends into the point on one of them.  (What a bird brain!)  I'll have to rectify that but at least you get to compare the two options. 

I love the colours and fabrics I have put together in this.  It has a spring feel to it, but I think it could be lovely for a boy's quilt and I have deliberately avoided including distinctly feminine fabrics.

My intention is to make another Dresden plate and then sew these to a white background.


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  1. These are beautiful Emmajane! Lovely colours! :) x