Saturday, 5 July 2014

Tour de France Quilt (kind of) - A finished quilt

I am unashamedly a Yorkshire lass.  I'm originally from West Yorkshire but now live happily in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.  I speak with a Yorkshire accent and often use dialect (especially with my family).  I have lived and worked abroad on three different occasions in three different places but I don't think there is anywhere like God's Own Country and I have no intention of ever living anywhere else.

I cannot, therefore, not write about the Tour de France being in Yorkshire this weekend and passing about six miles from my house.  I watched it on the tv today and finished a quilt which I can tenuously link to the colours of this cycle race.  Tomorrow I won't be sewing or quilting because I will be up early and walking to Bradfield to get a view of this sporting spectacle.

This quilt I worked on over a week in April but then I left finishing off the binding by hand until there was a suitable time.  Today was that time.  I could justify sitting and hand sewing as I watched the peloton go up hill and down dale.  It was a coincidence that some of the colours are significant in the race (yellow, red and white).  Unfortunately the red background with white polka dots is the reverse of the King of the Mountains but I think I can turn a blind eye to this today.

The picture fabrics are Little Apples by Aneela Hoey.  I love these fabrics because they capture nostalgic images of childhood and are perfect for a baby quilt such as this.  Even the least observant will have noticed that I put the tortoise fabric on the back upside down and I had already quilted it before I noticed.  I decided that baby Isobel, who will soon receive this quilt, is not too fussed about these things and that she would cope with it.  Tomorrow, after all, I'm going to see the Tour de France in my neck of the woods so my excitement overtakes any disappointment with this quilt.  Au revoir!


  1. I absolutely love everything about this post! I love to know who you are and that you love where you come from. I love that you are so excited for such an amazing event rolling through your town that you don't care about an upside down fabric...and realize that the baby won't either. And I love the quilt! Great colors, great pattern, and a great memory of making it. Well done!!! Oh, and I love France! I ran a very fun marathon in Medoc a few years ago. The experience of a lifetime!

    1. Thank you for such an enthusiastic comment! We had a great day in Bradfield and saw both the Yellow Jersey and King of the Mountains. Truly memorable and uplifting.

  2. My two favorite hobbies, quilting and cycling! Love it!! Colors are perfect! So jealous that you were so close to the race. Don't think they'll ever come by my home in the States, LOL. I think it makes our projects even more special when they remind us of an event or the time it was made.