Friday, 11 July 2014

Industrious industrial action

Yesterday I was on strike.  I take the decision to strike seriously so I was up at the crack of dawn to join fellow colleagues on the picket line and then I went on a march in town to meet up with fellow strikers from across the city.  The afternoon I dedicated to sewing and finished my two half square triangle cushions for my sister.  That's always the surprise about a day of striking - I end up at work earlier than usual to make my point and then dedicate dinnertime and early afternoon to the cause as well.  Come the afternoon I have to treat myself to focussed craft time and I must admit that I did enjoy having a little extra time to indulge in my hobby, especially as it was bright and cheerful yesterday.

I had never made patchwork cushions before so I am always glad to try new things and realise I am not limited to quilts.  These were especially satisfying to make because they were so quickly put together and from scraps, at that.  I really love how the white makes these fabrics look greater than they are.  As fat quarters I am not keen on these fabrics; they are not something I would choose but the white somehow makes me love them, which is a revelation.

Many of the projects I pin on pinterest have large amounts of white fabric, which makes me wonder whether I would like some of these projects without this component.  Perhaps some of my dubious fabric purchases would be put to good use next to white.  It's something I will have to try.  I think that using white could be a really good way of stretching out favourite fabrics which I can no longer get hold of.  If I have limited amounts of a beloved fabric using white would enable me to stretch the fabric out to make a quilt.  I quilted the cushions simply with tramlines and used YLI Machine Quilting thread in "sea mist".  The variegated thread works well both against the coloured fabrics and the white.

I definitely want to make more patchwork cushions but I want to learn how to make piping next time to give the cushions more structure and to frame them nicely.  I feel future projects coming on already.


  1. Your sister is a lucky girl! What sweet cushions! Love the quilting you went with on these. Nice job!

  2. Great work! White always makes things look so fresh, I use it a lot too; am going to use grey for my next project for a change. (And am pinning the pic of your cushions to remind me to make some using a mini charm pack I've got stored away!)

  3. Hello, just visiting you through Amanda Jane's link up, it is great to find another quilter living quite near me! I love the cool sea glass colours of your cushions, so fresh against the white background too. They make a a super present! Kind regards, Sue.

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments. My sister has seen the photo and is excited to receive them.

  5. You are reminding me how fun and quick pillows are! These look great and so cheerful -- I like the variegated thread against the white too.

    1. I'm definitely going to make more cushions when I want a quick project to get stuck into.