Friday, 29 May 2015

Crazy squares patchwork quilt: A finished quilt

It has been so long since I finished a quilt and it is so satisfying that this one has been made in a week.  Well done me and thank goodness for half term!  

There really is a lot going on with this quilt - there are 546 squares in total and by my reckoning I have used over 135 different fabrics.  Unfortunately this project has made no dent in the stash, but it has awakened my eyes to the beauty of such scrappy quilts and to the satisfaction of combining so many different fabrics.

The quilting is not my finest.  I could not find nearly enough quilter's safety pins and I think this explains some of the folds I just had to overlook.  (I've deliberately not taken photos of the worst parts.)

The binding is perfectly neutral - grey features on both the back and the front and it is such a great blender.  I particularly like the irregular stripe pattern because it mimics the zebra's hide on the back.

Let's hope I am showing off another quilt soon!


  1. What a great finish Emmajane and a really fabulous quilt! I love it! The colours are beautiful! Looking forward to the next one!! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  2. Awesome quilt and thanks for sharing!

  3. Your quilt is amazingly gorgeous!!! The colors go together so well even though they're so many different fabrics!