Sunday, 8 February 2015

Locally grown finally finished

Today I am showing off a quilt which has taken me far too long to finish.  I started it in August 2013,  I pieced it but then was unsure what fabric to back it with so it was stuffed into a box and forgotten about.  It only saw the light of day when I was sorting out some stuff in my craft room and I realised that it was close to being finished and that it really needed to have its day in the sun.

The quilt has many imperfections and I think my piecing has improved considerably since I first worked on it, but it is quite nice to recognise my own progress in sewing and quilting.  The fabrics come from Locally Grown by Creative Thursday.  I love the patterns and colours.

I was particular about the squares being the right way up, but not with the "framing" fabrics.  I remember that my brain couldn't take the calculating to get everything the right way up.

The backing was made from left over fabric and I think it works well.  These were fabrics I would otherwise have been holding on to without a project in mind.  I think it was a good idea to get them used and out of my stash.

The binding was some plain fabric I found in stash which I think brings both the back and front together.  There are a lot of busy fabrics in this quilt so a simple red makes them stand out and does not compete with them.

This quilt will be given to my niece, Ava, who got a knitted blanket when she was born, a quilt when she was one and who is due a bigger quilt now she is three.  She's quite a character with a big and busy personality - this quilt should suit her perfectly.

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