Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sew My Stash 2015 Challenge 1 Finished

I have completed the first challenge of Project Leasa's Sew My Stash 2015 and it feels great to have made a mini quilt in a short period of time and to have made something which I otherwise would not have considered.  Until Friday I didn't know I was making something "heart themed" and now here I am, proudly showing off my project and I am just so pleased with how it has turned out.

Now, I know this project is made from small bits of fabric, which means I have made no dent into the stash, but it has given me ideas for some bigger quilts that would mean reducing the stash considerably.  In that sense it's a small step towards something more significant.

I'm very into "rainbows" at the moment and this is going to be on the wall of my craft room shortly.  I've included some of my favourite fabrics in this wall hanging, so it seems apt that it should reside there.

I really enjoyed quilting the squares and triangles in coordinating threads.  I treated myself to four new spools of cotton to do this, which is possibly a little naughty when I am trying to reduce my stash, but I don't count those as stash.  Stash for me is exclusively fabric.  (That's my disclaimer in any case!)  However, I can boast here that all the fabrics (including the backing and binding) were already in my possession.

There a number of other people taking part in this challenge.  I've really enjoyed seeing their progress and ideas on Instagram.  To find other projects use the hashtag sewmystash2015challenge1 and you are sure to find some lovely hearty projects.

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  1. Hello Emmajane! What a beautiful quilt! Love the colours you have used! :) xx