Friday, 21 November 2014

Conquering 3D

Recently I've been making crafty things for sale at a friend's Christmas craft stall.  I've been doing my bit by making phone cases and these iPad cases:

I know that to most people these look a lot less complicated than my usual quilts, but I find anything 3D tricky.  My brain just cannot figure out what to do - there's just too much inside out and upside down and it messes with my head!  I think I've made about twenty cases in total now and I am now at the stage that I can make them without consulting the tutorial I made for myself, photo by photo, on my mobile phone.

I've really enjoyed making these iPad cases because I have worked with lots of different fabrics and put great combinations together of outside fabric, inside fabric and zips.  Here's hoping that people like my efforts and part with their money at the stall.


  1. HI Emmajane! I am sure they will sell, they look great.... especially like the one made of owl fabric! :) xx

  2. They are beautiful! I bet you can make them in our sleep! :-)

  3. Wow. You're cranking those out like a production line! Woohoo. Way to go! These are sure to be a hit in such fun fabrics.
    Happy stitching, Emmajane!