Monday, 30 June 2014

Helping Hands Paws

Three weeks ago we adopted two cats, Jackson and Brutus.  It seems to me that for making quilts, cats are as essential as a sewing machine.  There aren't many crafty ladies out there without cats, or that certainly seems to be the case in my crafting circles.  My previous cat, Granby, used to love sitting on my quilts when I was pinning them and was finally banished from "helping" me when he boxed my face as I moved him away.  I cannot help but love these pictures of the new boys. Firstly we have Jackson; he is clearly hinting at a mention in the blogosphere because he is clutching the Mollie Makes special on Blogging.

Brutus is not one to be outdone so he is making his debut whilst I am pinning a quilt.  I am certainly encouraged that our new additions are taking such an active interest in my hobbies.  By the end of the week my aims are to read the whole of the magazine and to finish this quilt.  Let's hope the boys don't distract me too much.

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